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1994 CIASI Board in Park

1994 CIASI Board

On Sunday, February 9, 1919, a group of Spillville citizens met to organize the Civic Improvement Association of Spillville Iowa (CIASI), a charitable organization focused on enriching quality of life in the Spillville area. CIASI takes pride in creating functional things of beauty. They adopted the motto: “The Beautiful is as Useful as the Useful.”

The first project was launched: find the ways and means to acquire and develop Spillville public square as a memorial to those who served in WWI.

The organization was originally subscription based, offering dollar amounts ($10, $15, $25. $50) and work credits.  A money back guarantee was offered to anyone who was unhappy with his/her membership. By 1931, membership had risen to 26, and in May 1931, CIASI incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

CIASI has since become a non-member, volunteer organization run by its board of directors. The organization obtains the funding for programs and activities from public donations and small grants.

CIASI works to preserve, protect, and improve the region in accordance with community input and available funding opportunities and to cooperate with other organizations and persons of like interests.