Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bandstand

In the spring of 1919, the city of Spillville decided to honor all those who served in World War I. As such, the newly-formed Civic Improvement Association (CIA) purchased property and built the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial, making it the first project. The organization formed to buy land and build a memorial to the citizens who served in World War I. The CIASI members turned to the community who donated funds, materials, and labor. Funds were also obtained from income generated by the open bowery built at Riverside Park. The construction cost (with some donated labor) was $1400. They dedicated the bandstand (which was still under construction) on July 4, 1921.

Today, it stands as a memorial to all area citizens who served our country during all subsequent wars and conflicts. The monument, an 8-sided bandstand measuring 126 x 186 feet, is an edifice of both beauty and function. The parcel of ground on which the pavilion stands was christened Wilson Square in memory of the “world’s greatest liberator,” President Woodrow Wilson. Since that time, the Memorial has kept record of Spillville area citizens who served their country by adding plaques with their names to the sides of the Bandstand.

“America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.” -Claudia Pemberton

These military citizens who serve our county are added via plaques to this memorial. Local bands and musicians still play in this bandstand during the summer months.

The Bandstand celebrated its 100-yearanniversary in 2019. This music pavilion, which is meticulously maintained to this day, is still recognized for its beauty and performance functionality. People gathered downtown Spillville for a celebration of remembrance on Sunday, September 15.

“This monument has stood in the very center of Spillville for 100 years and has provided our community with a way to remember all those who have served our country,” says Spillville Mayor, Mike Klimesh.