The Inwood Ballroom

In May 1920, CIASI decided to build a dance pavilion to raise funds for the proposed Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in the town square. On August 20 of the same year, the Board decided to build an open bowery, which was the humble beginning of The Inwood Ballroom. The bowery had a wood floor, no roof, and was enclosed with a railing and benches. The first dance was held in September 1920.

On May 26, 1921, CIASI decided to build an amusement pavilion, The Riverside Pavilion. In February 1922, plans for the pavilion and ladies restroom were approved for a cost of $2444.645. The first dance at the pavilion was held one year later on May 10, 1922.

The pavilion evolved into The Inwood Ballroom of today, one of CIASI’s more widely known assets. The Riverside Pavilion was christened The Inwood Ballroom by Mrs. Carl Evans of Des Moines, Iowa who won a contest and was awarded $25. Construction and maintenance has continued for over 100 years, adding to the usefulness and beauty of this historic ballroom.

The Inwood Ballroom continues to provide affordable entertainment and a unique space for community and private events. It is one of the oldest remaining ballrooms in continuous operation on its original site in the Midwest.