Funds Distribution

CISA also distributes funds collected from these events and other donations to worthy causes.

The program will take place predominantly in Iowa, with potential fundraising in other areas where former Spillville residents reside. As this charitable organization grows, we will conduct our own and partner with other like-minded organizations and individuals for fundraising events and activities. Donated monies may be earmarked for particular programs or activities conducted by CIASI. No conditions or rules of any donation shall cause this organization to conduct activities that do not further our stated 501(c)3 purposes. CIASI will accept contributions of: real property; conservation easements; closely held securities; intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights; works of music or art; licenses; royalties; automobiles, boats, planes, or other vehicles; or collectibles of any type if said contributions further the purposes of CIASI.CIASI will not accept donations if any conditions imposed by the donor on the contribution limit CIASI’s ability to achieve its purposes or force this organization to conduct activities that are not in furtherance of 501(c)3 purposes. We will ensure that donations are accepted in accordance with 501(c)3 regulations and will properly determine fair market value according to Publication 561.

Fundraising Activities

From the beginning, CIASI became a proud supporter of other Spillville area organizations and provided funds, materials, and labor to support city, school, and church endeavors. Over the years, CIASI has waived the event center fee for many community and nonprofit organizations.